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Welcome to WCD Young Carers

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Wrexham, Conwy & Denbighshire

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Do you help to look after someone with a disability or someone who is unwell?

Many children and young people do. We think you are amazing. 


Sometimes young people under 14 are called Young Carers and under 25 are called Young Adult Carers.

Looking after someone can help you develop a range of skills in caring, being organised, having empathy, handling difficulties. It can also feel great to help someone else.  We know it can also be challenging to support someone  whilst  juggling so many changes in your life such school / uni / work /friends / a social life, and just  how important it is to have someone that you can reach out to, to talk to.


We have a friendly team at WCD Young Carers that is here for you.  You can:

  • Chat to our outreach worker in your area about what is happening for you and any support you might need.

  • Join a young carer group or activities near you

  • Join online

  • Take part in trips and events

  • Get support to work with your school to overcome challenges with juggling caring and learning

  • Get support to work out how to go to university / get work when you look after someone


We also organise support groups and activities and can connect you with other young carers who are in similar situations.

Credu is here for you and will work with you to provide you with exactly the support that you need and want

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Credu also offers support to young and adult carers in Powys

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and Carers of all ages in Ceredigion (through Gofalwyr Ceredigion Carers). 

Do you help look after someone in your family

Then you matter too!

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96% of children reviewed per quarter are reporting improved emotional / mental wellbeing and resilience.

Of the 249 survey respondents in the last year, 87% felt that WCD had supported them to do better at school

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Young Carers helps me cuz I get to have free time to myself and have a laugh with people its also made me a lot happier and is helping with my depression. 

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Young Carers Card 

Young Carers Card

Have you got your Young Carers Card yet ? 

The Young Carer ID Card is for Young Carers.

A Young Carer is someone who helps to look after a friend or family member who cannot manage on their own because they have a disability, physical or mental illness or are affected by substance or alcohol misuse.

To find out more about applying  for the Young Carer ID Card please contact us 

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What's Happening

To find out about all the upcoming events  Click Here

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WCD Groups

  • 12 Fortnightly Groups

  • 4 Locations

  • 3 Counties

  • Ages 8-18

Forum meeting in Llandudno to film for Sky

WCD Specialist Small Group Work

  • Forum Group

  • YACs Group

  • ASD Group

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WCD Trips

  • Led by Young Carers' interests

  • Therapeutic destinations

  • Training and Educational destinations

Credu Big Weekend

WCD Events

  • Family Days

  • Residentials

  • Festivals

  • Fundraising

Find out more about the Jointly Carers App here 

Young Carers

*Young Carers Rights
*Useful Contacts 
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What's Happening

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Our work can help you or the people you support.

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You can make a difference to Young Carers in a way that suits YOU!

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