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WCD Young Carers  (pronounced Wicked Young Carers) is part of the Credu family and is commissioned by Wrexham, Conwy and Denbighshire County Councils as well as the Betsi Cadwalader University Health Board. Young Carers and their Families are at the Heart of everything that WCD does. We are called WCD (Wicked) because Young Carers came together and come up with that name and the idea!

Credu's Purpose

For all young and adult carers to enjoy well-being as they define it, be recognised and valued and have choices, voice and influence

Credu's Principles

  • To value every person in the way we think, speak and act. We make kindness a priority.

  • To listen to understand

  • To focus on strengths of every person and enable people to use and share their gifts where they want to

  • To focus on the outcomes that matter to the individuals we support, their families and communities

  • To do what matters when it matters

  • To value relationships and networks built on trust

  • To be brave and do what is right, not what is easy

Credu's Purpose
Credu's Principles

Carers have a strong

voice and influence on

services that impact

upon their lives.

Connected caring communities and

organisations (e.g. schools, hospitals, social services) that are supportive and enabling of carers of all ages and their families.

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Empowered young / adult carers and families that are listened to,

understood, able to make informed choices and able to move towards the life enhancing outcomes

We are no longer just an organisation, we are a movement of Young & Adult Carers

Triple Mission
  • Young and Adult Carers are at the centre of everything we do.

  • We have a large, proactive board of trustees, mostly Carers or ex-carers with a vast range of skills and experience.

  • We have county team leaders, place based outreach workers and a growing network of volunteers, many of whom are Young and Adult Carers that give a vast range of both place based and online support.

  • We have a very small central support team that includes volunteer co-ordination, skilled first point of contact and administration and finance support.

Our Annual Review

Our Annual Review

The Credu Way

We hope that this practice handbook is a supportive resource to all staff and volunteers in Credu. Within the pages of this PDF you will find our strategy, our purpose and our principles along with principles for different aspects of our mission. We hope this will be an enabling ‘handrail’ as you work with Carers and communities. So long as we constantly seek to work to purpose and principle, we have lots of freedom to respond in the best way we can to each person and context.

The Credu Way

Complaints Procedure

Download here:

Credu's History

We were established in 2003 as Powys Carers’ Service Limited and are now called Credu Supporting Young and Adult Carers Limited (as our full legal name). In the 1990s she had fought hard to get Young Carers recognised and supported, then brought together both young and adult carers’ support. We then built a small team of outreach workers that supported Carers of all ages throughout Powys.

We built a strong local and national reputation and in 2014, we were commissioned to support Young Carers across Wrexham, Conwy and Denbighshire. In 2019, we were commissioned to support Adult Carers in Ceredigion and since 2022 we’ve been able to support Young Carers in Ceredigion.


We still see ourselves as a small organisation with a big heart that carers deeply about the communities in which we work. We are a Network Partner of the Carers Trust. Carers Trust helps Carers influence government policy and supports us to be effective locally.​

Who Funds Credu

We are funded by Local Authorities, Welsh Government and a range of charitable trusts and foundations and are always extremely grateful for donations and community fundraisers.

Credu's History
Who Funds Credu
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