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As Credu and the Carers Movement go from strength to strength, the current CEO hands over the baton

Active Carers, volunteers, staff, leaders and trustees in Credu are moving from strength to strength in their mission to collaborate with Carers of all ages so that Caring is recognised, valued and supported. The people of Credu work together in a way that values everyone, where kindness is everything. Now is a great time for the current CEO to pass on the baton to an amazing interim Chief Executive so that the mission can continue without interruption until permanent arrangements are in place.

Jen O'Hara Jakeway, the outgoing CEO says: 'Credu is a special organisation, here to support people of all ages, even very young children who care for family members who are unwell or disabled. Whether a child is caring for a parent with a terminal illness, an older person is looking after their spouse with dementia or a parent is raising a disabled child; all of it requires so much emotional bravery, practical day to day responsibility, the ability to navigate services, appointments and cope with uncertainty. Caring requires such strength and resourcefulness. Yet caring is so invisible and is so often not understood. Carers can feel so utterly alone with big responsibilities. Everyone, without exception in Credu recognises Carers as experts in their own lives and gives skilled, enabling support that shines a light on the strengths in every person. What's more, communities of carers, their families and others are building a movement of mutual support so that one day, no Carer need feel alone. Credu has a HUGE piece of my heart and after nine years, I feel it is time for me to hand on the baton and create the space for new energy and perspective to ensure that Credu and the Carer’s movement in our communities continues to go from strength to strength. The board is looking to appoint an interim Chief Executive, Owen Jones, who has mentored me in my role when he was Chair and trustee. This will be done in consultation with the Charities Commission. He embodies Credu's values. He has supported all sorts of organisations across Wales to become more person centred and strength based and has a range of skills and knowledge. I am filled with optimism for Credu's future. Owen, along with our current Chair, Marilyn Jarvis and trustee board, will nurture the Credu ethos and enable the incredible leadership team, staff and volunteers to go from strength to strength. I want to say a huge thank you to all Carers out there and all the Carers I know personally. So many of you find it in your heart not only to Care for loved ones - but to build support for other Carers too! You are truly amazing. The trustees, leadership team, staff and volunteers are exemplary. The culture of support right across the organisation is so special. The support I have received has been beyond anything I could have ever expected. Our partners, funders and commissioners have so generously invested in the Carers cause, not just money but so many have given their personal commitment to Carers too. Words cannot express the gratitude that I feel. As with all charities, we get our fair share of challenges, but it really has been an absolute blast.' Owen Jones, the planned incoming Interim CEO says:

‘It has been an absolute privilege and a joy to have worked alongside Jen for the last six years. The amazing people I have had the opportunity to meet have transformed my understanding of what we can achieve when we listen to each other, connect with each other and work together. It is an immense honour to be asked to step into Jen's shoes and continue her vocation of nurturing Credu's ethos of enabling kind, empathic and compassionate positive action’. If you would like to find out more about support, or find out more about Credu and changes in leadership, please don't hesitate to contact us on 01597 823800 / You will always get a warm welcome.

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