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Lets Raise some Funds

Here at Credu we are starting to look at other ways to raise funds so we can continue to support our Carers for years to come. We need your help to do that. To this end we will be holding a Zoom meeting in the evening on Tuesday 15th Feb (Full details above). Contact Eve, Elaine, Becky or the Office for the Zoom Link. It can also be found on the Credu Web site Events Calendar.


Fund raising is important for all charities and they are reliant on those that use them, or know of the work they do, to support them in rising extra funds. Credu is no different in this. What we need is some inspiration and encouragement and involvement from all of you.

We would also like local businesses to get in touch to identify how they can support us. This doesn't need to be financial it could be training days or weeks for some of our Young and Adult Carers can attend. It could be just be some time or a hair cut a great wet shave. If you are a tourist attraction it could be days out for a 'Credu Take Over' or vouchers for families or individuals. Do you own a Holiday Home, Caravan a Canal Boat or an Hotel? Would you consider giving a week or a weekend break for unpaid Carers so that they can have a break. (There is an organisation that you can offer this opportunity too). It also be as simple as a meal voucher.

The staff team and Trustees are regularly coming up with ideas of how they can raise funds and applying for National and Local Grants and always welcome more ideas and links to possible Grants. What we are asking for from you is some ideas and a little bit of your time to add to the funding pot.

We are more than aware of how busy many of you are so please don't worry if you can't join any meetings or run a Marathon. Just email us with an idea or tell an outreach worker. Below is a quick idea for spring for you gardeners.

So come and join us at the zoom meeting, send an email to any of us, call the office or talk to your outreach worker. No idea is too daft and we want to hear from Young and Old and anyone in between.

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